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The CBS Children's Film Festival
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looking for title

Hello ...I remember watching CCF while growing up..Such a GREAT series. Even though CBS dropped the running time to 30 mins they still had great shows ..Anyways VERY late in the season like 79 or 80 or even 81,, I remember seeing a Russian ( I believe ) narrated short film about a dog named "Chip" Can you confirm this was the title of the film about a lost German shepherd (again , I believe)in Russia and it's wanderings ?? Thanks so much. If "chip" wasn't the title what was it please Thank You

Re: looking for title

I know I am responding to a ten year old post, but here is a link to Chip, in its original Russian.

I spent a long time looking for it, but the original version on YouTube differs a bit from my recollection of the film. First, there was definitely a narrator in the English version. I speak no Russian, but it’s clear there is only dialogue in this version. Maybe the English version added the narrator instead of translating and dubbing all the dialogue.

Second, I was sure there was a scene showing Chip’s master boarding some kind of commuter train, but it’s not here.