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The CBS Children's Film Festival

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The CBS Children's Film Festival
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I was born in 1956 and remembered being absolutely enchanted by the Children's Film Festival. I saw someone's comment about Skinny and Fatty as the first foreign film you saw and loved - so true! That series was a marvelous introduction to the cultures of the world. I first saw Hand in Hand at sleep away camp for a movie night. I can still remember sitting on the benches sucking on a Sugar Daddy caramel lollipop and just loving the touching story. Both those films have stayed with me all these years. I found this website after I was inspired to search for dvds of these movies after my son and his girlfriend began watching comfort videos from their childhood. So pleased to be able to purchase a dvd of Hand in Hand from Amazon and to be able to watch Skinny and Fatty in entirety on Youtube. Lovely memories. Classic films still worth watching for the beautifully told stories that also do a great job of capturing 1960's British and Japanese culture.

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