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The CBS Children's Film Festival

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The CBS Children's Film Festival
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On KFO, one of my all time favs were: "Clown", the story of a cute young boy, and his dog, "Clown". They were inseperable until one day, when the boy was playing cards with his young mates, the dog all of a sudden, takes off running. When the boy finnishes his game notices the dog is missing. He looks everywhere for the dog. One day before this, he had his portrait done with the dog, but the artist on drew the dog. He went back to the lady who painted the portrait and asked to borrow the painting, then he walked all over town w/ painting showing to people of his lost dog. He couldn't find him and felt like giving up. The next day as he was on his search, then all of a sudden spots the dog. As the young boy runs up to the dog, then he notices that the dog is now on a leash and has a new owner, a blind man. The boy stops to cry, then he becomes happy as the dog is better of with the blind man, then to be with the young boy. So Mellonchollie like. The other movie which is a fav of mine is: "Tiko and the Shark", a similar almsot of the same tale but this one is of a young poynesia boy who finds a baby shark, of whom he feeds and plays with. The shark is stuck in a tide pool with nothing to eat. As the shark grows bigger is soon to find it's way out of the tide pool, and the boy and the shark become bests of buddies and the shark swims with the boy, till one day, the shark swims off. The little boy is sadden of his friend being gone. But one day the boys home catches afire and then the shark returns to save the boy and his family. Too cool if you ask me. Some of these films have left a void in my life and I hope that some of these comes to DVD...that would be just wonderful. God Bless all of You. Sincerely, Todd Rosen - US Navy Disabled Veteran.