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The CBS Children's Film Festival
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young boy struck by car

Just wanted to ask if anyone remembers a film about a boy who was having a hard time making friends or where the other kids just didn't seem to like him. I just recall that the boy believes he finally found a friend in a schoolmate who goes home with him after school one day. The boy was showing his schoolmate his baseball card collection. I remember a sister or the boys mother also being at home. The boy leaves the room to possibly get cookies for them and is gone for a short while and during this time the schoolmate steals some of the boys baseball cards. I can't remember what happened or how the boy found out that his friend took the cards. He might not have even known about the cards but he gets upset about something. I just remember the boy being really upset and he runs out of the house and is struck by a car in the street. It shows him lying in the street and he starts listing different names of friends he believes he has. I often think of this show and even at a young age I was struck how sad it was. I never saw the show again and just wanted to know the name of this show. It might not have been a CBS Children's Film Festival program. I seem to remember seeing it on a weekday afternoon possibly between 1973 and 1978. I've checked through the after school special programs but I can't seem to find one with a storyline that might have been this particular show.