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Little boy won’t take a bath movie

The only film I really remember from this series was a British movie that featured two little boys. I would guess it was filmed in the late ‘60s early ‘70s and probably broadcast on this series around 1975 to 1977.

One of the boys was like a cockney street kid who wouldn’t take a bath, and at the end of the movie they made him take a bath… I think he was maybe adopted by a wealthy family at the end of the film, and a woman was giving him a bath in a wash tub and scrubbing him with a brush, and he was shouting something like, “Ow! You’re scrubbing me raw!” The boy’s name might have been Johnny, because I seem to remember when they cut back to Fran and the puppets at the end of the movie, Fran said, “And Johnny finally got a bath!“

There was another younger boy in it, his friend I think, and I seem to recall they would have tea at some wealthy person’s house, and the younger boy liked “the little sausages“ that they served at tea and wanted to go back and have them again.

Any help that anyone can give me in identifying this film I would be much appreciated!