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Czech Television Serials/ Films

Which czech television serials or films do you remember on CBS? thanks a lot. I am searching now for a long while for czech serials in America but nothing until now...

Re: Czech Television Serials/ Films

There were more than a few Czech shorts and films that made it to the CBS Children's Film Festival:

Doggie and Three (Obusku z ptle ven!)
The Goalkeeper Also Lives on Our Street
The Little Bear Keepers
Lost in Pajamas
Adventure in Golden Bay
Jumping Over Puddles (Uz Zase Skacu Pres Kaluze)
Lucy and the Miracle (Lucie a zazraky)
The Giant Eel
Six Bears and a Clown (Sest medvedu s Cibulkou)
On Snow White
Captain Korda (Kapitan Korda)
Three Nuts for Cinderella

Re: Czech Television Serials/ Films

Great info, Phil - where did you find all these? Do you have a list of more films that appeared on the CFF?

Re: Czech Television Serials/ Films

thanks a lot for help phil! this is great.

Re: Czech Television Serials/ Films

Over the past few months I've been doing a little research on the CCFF, and I've managed to compile a listing of probably all of the films broadcast between 1967-1979. I also have the broadcast dates, country of orgin, etc., along with plot synosis pulled from various sources. It's more or less done, I just have some editing/proofing I should finish before the end of the month. I originally wanted to post it here, but I'll probably have to make a couple of html pages instead---the document is huge.

Re: Czech Television Serials/ Films

That's fantastic! I'm the webmaster of this site, and if you will email the list to me, I will add it to my main CCFF page. Thanks!


Re: Czech Television Serials/ Films

Mark and Phil... Hi.. I am so happy to find your site and to actually find out the movie that I watched as a kid.It was ON SNOW WHITE . My mom just came back from the czech republic with no results of the movie I was looking for:-( Is there a web site where I can get the movie? My mom has the THREE NUTS FOR CINDERELLA from Czechoslovakia but all in czech! I can finaly sleep knowing what movie it was...THANK YOU..THANK YOU..THANK YOU!!

Re: Czech Television Serials/ Films

There is an english version available. It's even cheaper than the german original...

Look at the english version of the german fanpage of the film:

Is there any chance, the film or other czech material will ever be rebroadcasted in the USA?

Re: Czech Television Serials/ Films


The stubtitled version has been available on DVD for some time now, here in the U.S. There's a link on my CCFF page (click on the logo above).

Re: Re: Czech Television Serials/ Films

Any leads on the Giant Eel? I have this memory of the boy fishing and then getting dragged through a tunnel into some kind of grotto- I'm dying to see it again :) david

Re: Czech Television Serials/ Films

to the poster that remembers The Giant Eel film....I remember very vividly the scene you're referring to. as I remember it, the kid was fishing for this "monster" with a regular rod and reel and ends up getting dragged into the water and ultimately through a dark tunnel, ending up in a cave of some sort? the specific details are fuzzy, but I do remember the imagery of the kid's hair swept back, him holding his breath as he is dragged through the water, hanging on for dear life. I really wish there was more info on this one. everyone seems the remember The Winter of the Witch, but noone recalls The Giant Eel!

anyway, these were such odd films. it's kind of surprising that noone has managed to compile them all on dvd by now.

The Giant Eel: Czech Television Serials/ Films

Any leads? haunted by this one!

The Giant Eel Czechoslovakia, 1971

Re: Czech Television Serials/ Films

I also remember THE GIANT EEL and looking for the movie,can anyone help me

Re: Czech Television Serials/ Films

Like the other posters, The GIANT EEL movie has haunted me since I was a kid. I have looked briefly on the Internet, but it must be lost. Anybody know anybody in Czech Republic?

Re: Czech Television Serials/ Films

As usual, it's all about the name. I managed to come across a summary in a book about Czech films that resembled that of "The Giant Eel". It turned out that the original name of the film is "My tři a pes z Pětipes"

This roughly translates to "The Three and a Dog from Petipes". It turns out that the film has been exported to many other countries under different names---none of which, of course, mention the eel. That probably explains why it has been so difficult to identify the film. Once you have the name, it's easy to gather information about this title.

Apparently it has not been released on VHS or DVD, but it has been broadcast on Czech and Slovakian television as recently as last year. The good news is that, if you know how, you can download the film from the internet.

I put a clip on my CCFF Channel here:

There are other clips at stttepp's Channel, here is a playlist:

In other Czech news, I also have a clip of "Captain Korda" up on the channel.

Also, the film "Lucy and the Miracles" has been recently released on DVD (unfortunately without English subtitles). Hopefully more of the Czech titles shown here in the States will end up on DVD.

Re: Czech Television Serials/ Films

Phil, you're my hero! it is SO amazing to see that clip for the first time in 30 something years! I was beginning to think it was lost forever. Now I have to hunt down the entire thing. Wow....thanks so much for you detective work on this!

Re: Czech Television Serials/ Films

thank you so much for the clip!!!! can wait to see it all I got chills watching it!!!!! --David CBSCFF was my favorite and I'd watch it every Saturday at 1pm


Re: The Giant Eel: Czech Television Serials/ Films

I, too, had been haunted by this. How funny that so many people remember the movie The Giant Eel