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The CBS Children's Film Festival
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The Magic Marble (?)

When I was a child growing up in the 60's my parents used to screen 16 mm films in our garage for the neighborhood kids. There was a particular film we requested several times, I don't recall the name of it exactly, but it was about a girl and a boy who discover a magic marble. It was a story about self-esteem as I recall, and in one scene the marble disappears inside a piano. If anyone has any idea about the title of this film I would appreciate hearing from them. I only remember fragments of it but I know we loved it. It was probably made in the 40's or 50's and was b/w and an American film. Thanks!

Re: The Magic Marble (?)

I, too, remember this movie of those films that our teachers showed us when they didn't have a lesson planned. I believe it was simply titled, "The Magic Marble". I can remember one scene where a large steamroller rolls over the marble (or am I dreaming?)....Love watching films in school so I have very fond memories of this one. If you ever find it for sale, please post that info. on this site!

One Wish Too Many


This is "One Wish Too Many", a UK film released in 1956. The boy, Peter, came into possession of a magic marble. The marble started off as a good thing, as it allowed him to escape schoolrooms and bullies. The "one wish too many" involved a toy steamroller, which grew to gigantic proportions and proceeded to trash London. The short (55 min) film won a best children's film award at the Venice Film Festival in 1956. I've seen it mentioned that it was broadcast on the CCFF, although I'm still trying to determine the dates. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be availble on VHS/DVD.

Re: The Magic Marble (?)

Thanks so much for replying! I've wondered for years what that movie was called and when it was made. Seems a shame that movies like that haven't been converted to VHS/DVD for kids today to enjoy. How did you know so much about the film?

Re: The Magic Marble (?)

I found a site where you can buy, "One Wish Too Many"...just go to:

and search for the movie title...

Re: The Magic Marble (?)

Hey CC,

While doing research on the CCFF, I looked into films that won the Children's catagory of the Venice Film Festival, since many of them ended up on the show (Blind Bird, Hand in Hand, Testa Di Rapa, John and Julie, etc.). "One Wish Too Many" was one of the films I came across, and I recognized it from your description. I think I may have seen this one as a kid, although it wasn't on regular television---it was at a recreation center.

Great find on the website. I may have to order a copy. :)

Re: The Magic Marble (?)

Hi, i am totally amazed at finding this forum because i have been wondering myself for years what the film was called and if it still remained in tact these days. i remember it VERY well because it was shown every year at my junior school which i attended from 1979-1983. every year we had a christmas party and it was always the same film and i remember the little boy made a wish that his toy steam roller would become as big as life and it did, i remember seeign him and his little girl friend riding off on it odown the street! i'm goint to try to find it on a british site and if i have any luck i'll post a new reply here to let all interested know where to find it!!

Re: The Magic Marble (?)


An earlier message in this thread tells how to get a copy of the film.

Re: The Magic Marble (?)

"One Wish Too Many" is available on DVD for $5 on ebay right now:

Re: The Magic Marble (?)

wow -- i too thought this was called "The MAgic Marble" -- I did see it on TV in the 60's in the CBS Childrens Film Festival -- I wil look for it.

It was my second favourite film -- My first favourite was "Hand in Hand".

Was CBS Childrens Film Festival also airing films of early Anime from Japan? and another animated film set in India about a prince and princess?

I will have to search your site. THanks so much for posting all this -- it drives so many of of crazy when we can't remember all the pieces!