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The CBS Children's Film Festival
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Hey..... If anyone is looking to purchase this are some sites I found ...only problem is, that the sites are in Czech. BUT you can email them and they'll email back in English. The VHS is in PAL format .

IF anyone can locate the movie "On Snow White" please let me know...I've been going CRAZY going to different video stores hoping they would carry it, but no luck! :-(


Hi, may you tell me, what the film "on snow white" was about? Was it czech too? I can't handle the english title, only know it perhaps in german or czech...


Hi.. I have seen this film "on Snow White" when I was about 3 or 4 and what I remember is these kids were in the forest standing around a glass coffin with a girl inside of it. My mom said it sounded like a czech Snow White,can't be sure if they were talking in Czech or what other language.But then when I found the CBS film festival film descriptions , I almost went nuts..the snow white AND Lucy film was on it... I never knew what the Lucy & the miracles movie was called but I did know that it was about some little girl that carried a pink puppy with her and it somehow came to life ,like magic . Scary to even remember so long ago ..I don't know what I would feel if I saw those movies again!! They should have like a matinee ALL day movies day playing only those foreign films that we saw as kids!


Hi! I am just amazed to finally learn the name of this movie. I distinctly remember having to go with my mom to pick up my sister from a birthday party and missing the end. It has haunted me for years. I am also amazed that other people remember it too after so many years. I'd love to see it again, but wonder if I would feel the same about it now. So many of the films on CFF had a haunting quality--you couldn't get them out of your mind.

Thanks for film title! (was Re: LUCIE A ZAZRAKY)

I'm so tickled to have finally found out the name of this film! The only part I could remember was the glass coffin. I was sure it was a CFF film but only today did I find this website/message board and know for sure!

Thanks for the info! It's great knowing there are folks out there who remember CFF as fondly as I do.