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The Little Wooden Horse


I've been looking for a copy of "The Little Wooden Horse" for some time (I pasted a description below), which I remember fondly from childhood. Does anyone know who made the film and where I can purchase it? I remember watching it on The Children's Film Festival.

"A young boy is captivated by a carousel horse, and follows it after it is sold to a wealthy family."

I'd appreciate any leads. Thanks.


Re: The Little Wooden Horse

Looks like the book, not the film, is available now (5/30/06) on Ebay:

Re: The Little Wooden Horse

Thanks but I think that book is another story. The short film I saw as a child involved a carousel horse that a little boy was in love with. The carousel is dismantled and the horse is sent to a store, where it is purchased by a wealthy woman for her bratty boy. The little boy (who loves the horse) follows the horse to the wealthy kid's house where he sees that the horse has been placed into the backyard. Later that night a group of street urchins scale the estate's wall, steal the horse, and then carry it back to a small house. Inside the hosue, the little boy is waiting and he wraps his arms around the horse. Closing his eyes, he is transported into a world where the horse is suddenly a real horse and he is riding it away. End of story. The whole film is shot pretty with minimal dialog.

I can't find this film anywhere.

Re: The Little Wooden Horse

I too have been looking for this film. It was a relief
to find this site and see it listed. Please, if you find it, post the info here and I will do the same. Of course, I was a child, but it touched me deeply and I have never forgotten it.

Re: The Little Wooden Horse


I will let you know if I find it. Amazing that something I saw I think around 35 years ago made such a deep impression on me (and you evidently). There is a poignancy to this memory that I can't seem to shake.

Re: The Little Wooden Horse

I have finally found this film under the title of
'The Merry Go Round Horse.'
It is available on a compilation DVD called 'Son of those Naughty Boys.'

You can purchase the DVD from
for $15.00. I have just received my copy and it is the same film. Wonderful!

Hope this helps someone else.

Re: The Little Wooden Horse

Great work, Barbara! I've added a link to it from the main CCFF page.


Re: The Little Wooden Horse

Thanks Barbara! I just watched it. It brought back a lot of memories. You did a great job finding it.

Re: The Little Wooden Horse

Thanks Barbara, I'm ordering a copy (of this and other things!)from this website now. It's amazing sometimes where you find these films. I'm still wondering how "The Yellow Slippers" ended up on a compilation called "Christian Scare Films Vol. 4" (!?).

Re: The Little Wooden Horse

OH MY! Ive been searching for this for years - It just gave me such a - tingle - to see that it has also affected some of you like this. That film has been stuck deep in my head since childhood - for a little while, I was having such a hard time finding it, that I was wondering if it was all in my imagination! Im ordering it now!

Re: Re: The Little Wooden Horse

I can't believe it! What a relief to find out 30 something years later, that I did not "make this up" in my head. I have been trying to find the truth to whether I was just a nutty kid with a wild imagination, OR, if I really did see a film where the horse comes to life. THANK GOD there other people out there who express exactly how this little film adhered to my memory. I can still see frames of it, and remember the feeling of magic it evoked.
WOW, after so much searching, this is exciting.
We should form a support group, "Children of the Little Wooden Horse"
I think that film so powerfully showed me the true essence of film. Maybe my exposure to this film as such a young child, is why I have such high standards for film, why so much disappoints me. I want to be moved and haunted by films to the degree I was so many years ago.