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The CBS Children's Film Festival
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Trippy, dreamlike movie with "HA-HOO!"

Please tell me which movie this was: It was very weird, trippy, dreamlike about a boy who enters some sort of netherland that was somewhat like a carnival or toyland. There was an attractive, young adult couple who helped him and I think they may have represented his parents or his desire for parents (perhaps he was an orphan?)

What I remember most specifically is the people in this place greeting each other with a sung, "HA-HOO." The lady explained that it was the greeting of friendshp... and love.

Which one is it? Thank you.

Re: Trippy, dreamlike movie with "HA-HOO!"

This is "Tony and the Tick Tock Dragon". In the film they would greet the boy with "Haho, Tony!".

I have more information about this one, I'll post it in the "Tony and the Tick Tock Dragon" thread after I locate my note. ;)

Ah, yes!

Thanks very much!