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trying to remember

hey can someone help me to remember two titles of movies I seenon CBSCF?
here are the plots:
1. a young girl has her stuff animals to come to life when they fall on the ground!
2. a boy who lives in the middle ages must battle a dragon.

Re: trying to remember

1. "Lucy and the Miracles".

2. If you saw this on the festival, it has to be the film called (among other names) "Tony and the Tick-Tock Dragon".

Re: trying to remember

thanks alot phil!

Re: trying to remember

one thing I do remember about "Tony and the Tick-Tock Dragon" is that at the end the boy is talking to a wizard and the wizard is telling him that what he did will be remembered and then the movie comes to the present and at it's at a musuem where it shows how tony defeated the dragon.

Re: trying to remember

Heh-you're mixing up two different movies (easy to do after 30 years!).

The ending you're remembering belongs to "The Yellow Slippers". Wawrzek, a sculpting prodigy, helped to create the Altar of St. Mary's Church in Kracow. After the altar was completed, the boy climbed it to make one last adjustment. He slipped on the ladder and accidently lost a slipper (boot) inside the structure. It was a gift from the king for helping to capture a thief, so he was upset. His master informed him not to be distressed, since everyone would see the slipper and remember the boy who left it there. The film cuts to the present, and you see a young boy admiring the altar and seeing an illustration of Wawrzek.

At the end of "Tony", the boy comes out of the bathroom after his "time out", takes a walk with his father (who is now making time for him), and the two make up.

Re: trying to remember

thanks alot phil! How the heck can U remember these things?! I'm 41 and I know U got to be in the same generation as me! :)