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Boy and cat

I remember an episode where a boy (black) lived in the projects and befriended a stray cat. He used to buy the cat tuna and charged it to his mom at the corner store.

Does anyone remember this story?

Re: Boy and cat

That was "J.T.", (technically not a CBS Children's Film Festival film, but I digress...)

A very moving story. And a good Christmas story.

Re: Boy and cat

HI I remember this story and didn't see your post before I posted about the same story.
My memory of it is this:

My memory of it is this:

It centers mainly around a small black boy and his single mother, in the slums of a large city.

While out playing in the ruins of a building he befriends a cat {I believe it was black and white} that had an injured eye.

He makes an eyepatch for the cat and to keep the cat safe puts it in an old oven. He runs off to a local market

and gets cans of tunafish/catfood and puts it on his mothers bill..and does this quite a few times..

as the show goes on, he goes to see the cat and feed him everyday and eventually the eye patch comes off as the cats eye

is better. He also asks his mom if he could have a cat he found and of course she says "No".

One day while he is there a bunch of other boys find him with the cat, and take the cat and "toss" it back in forth in a game of

"Keep Away"..

the cat gets away and runs into the road, getting hit and killed.

The little boy comes out and lays his head on the cat crying...

later the boy is at home, crying depressed.....and there is a knock at the door and the owner of the market comes in with a box

and in it is a little black and white kitten. the boy ignores it....

at the end the child is laying in bed with box next to it..and kitten cries...the boy turns over and starts playing with kitten ....

and the finally shot is the camera panning back showing the city in a kind of Sepia color..and in a window is a Red and White Santa light.