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Forum: The CBS Children's Film Festival
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Hand in Hand on DVD!!

I just got a copy of Hand in Hand from
Barry W.---Overlord of YORE! He has
made me two copies on DVD of this movie that
I remembered from my childhood, and it is a
great job. His price was very fair and
he even let me view the DVD before sending
any money! He is an honest, helpful guy and he made
it possible for me to once again see this
wonderful movie.
It is even better and more compelling and
meaningful now than when I was young.
If you remember this movie, get a copy, it is
so worth it!
Much thanks to Barry!

Re: Hand in Hand on DVD!!

I should also mention that if you have the cable station TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), "Hand in Hand" has been airing about once a month since the beginning of the year. The last airing was about a week ago (Sept. 26). Watch the space at this link to find out the next airdate:

Re: Hand in Hand on DVD!!

i would also like to purchase a copy of the dvd HAND IN HAND - my mother is 80 years old now and that was the first movie she ever saw as an usher of a local town theater in the 1960's. thanku

Re: Hand in Hand on DVD!!

Check my main CBS Film Festival page for info on how to order.

Re: Hand in Hand on DVD!!

Hi Mark - so you are indicating I should email : and wait for his reply to order a dvd of this movie? correct?

Re: Hand in Hand on DVD!!

Yep - he's the only person offering copies that I know of.

Re: Hand in Hand on DVD!!

wonderful - I hope he replies soon - and if anyone else can help me - please let me know.
thanks again

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