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Lynx film

I remember a film of a woodsman and a Lynx. Not sure if it is the "Friends for Life" film. As I recall, the woodsman raises the lynx and they have a wonderful bond. The lnyx then wanders away and the woodsman misses him so. Eventually the lynx returns with a mate and the woodsman is happy. It was a very touching film. I hope someone can confirm what film it is, I would so like to see it again. Thank you.

Re: Lynx film

You are definitely remembering "Friends for Life". To this day it is still broadcast regularly on Russian television and is available on DVD in the original language. It also spawned three sequels that were made in the '80s and '90s.

I'm still hoping to find an English language version. Considering it's a wildlife tale, it still may be worth seeking out on DVD.

The original title: Тропой бескорыстной любви

A link to the DVD: