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Japanese Film (Comonsoo?)

I am looking for a film on CBS CFF, which was about a little Japanese boy whose friend moved and he would run to the edge of the cliff each day and call for his friend hoping he could hear him over the miles. The friends name was Comonsoo (sp?). I used to pick on my sister Sue saying that the little Japanese boy was calling her. "Come on Sue!" My sister remembers it also.

Re: Japanese Film (Comonsoo?)

The film you are remembering is "Skinny and Fatty":

At the end of the film Oyama (Fatty) goes to the edge of a hill, yells out "Komatsu" (Skinny's name) and essentially thanks his friend for his helping him to become a stronger person. You can buy a VHS of "Skinny and Fatty" at this site:

Re: Japanese Film (Comonsoo?)

Thank Phil. Funny how each person remembers things and what they remember.