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The CBS Children's Film Festival
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'Boots MacAvie'...? 'Hand lotion'...?

I find that it is generally easier to track down one's childhood in the form of British and European films and television series than what it is to do so in the form of Canadian and U.S. productions. Old British Children's Film Foundation (CFF) serials and films like Chico The Rainmaker, The Boy Who Turned Yellow and Up In the Air are fairly readily available on VHS and DVD. The old Swedish series Den Vita Stenen (a.k.a. The White Stone) is downloadable--albeit in the original Swedish High-German--as a torrent from The Pirate Bay. However, it is extremely difficult to even find information regarding old Canadian and U.S. children's productions.

Here in Canada, on the CBC, there used to be a Saturday grab-bag show similar to CBS Children's Film Festival called Peanuts & Popcorn. Like its American counterpart, it showed films and serials from around the globe. There are two bizarre ones that stick out in my memory without titles. One or both of them are American and/or Canadian. One featured a young boy who was--I think--attempting to run some kind of children's business or something, and was constantly being reminded that he was "in big trouble when Boots MacAvie ('Macaffey'?) gets back in town...". He had a vision in his mind of this bully or 'boss' of his being a threatening young man, but as it turns out in the end, Boots is a rather outgoing girl who wears a very sadistic looking pair of brown(?) leather boots to her thighs. Anyone recall this in detail and what its title was...? Then there was another one about a nerdish young man trying to make it with the ladies or something, and he goes to a party wearing hand lotion at the insistence of some idiotic friend or sibling of his. The fellow looked something like Robbie Benson in Jeremy (1973), complete with the heavy dark-plastic-frame glasses of the day. Anyone remember more about this and what it was called...? I'm pretty sure these films also aired in the U.S.; if not on the show in question, then as afterschool specials or on another grab-bag show. So can anyone help me out with any of this...?

Re: 'Boots MacAvie'...? 'Hand lotion'...?

Look for "duffy moon" on google, that is where boots macaffee came from