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CCFF version of Three Nuts for Cinderella?

Someone has posted a British narrated version of this film at YouTube:

Could this be the version that was shown on the CCFF? Do people recall if it was narrated or dubbed?


Re: CCFF version of Three Nuts for Cinderella?

I personally don't remember, but I've had at least 5 different people email me with requests for information on the English language version, not the narrated one. I tend to believe that the Festival broadcast of this film was dubbed, as CBS hired production companies in NY to create the English language dubs & loops for the foreign language films.

If that is the case for "Three Nuts for Cinderella", there may not be an English language version in existence right now. I know in Canada and Great Britain, the voice-over version was the one seen by audiences.

Re: CCFF version of Three Nuts for Cinderella?

I watched this over and over again as a kid, and it was dubbed. I have been looking for the English dubbed version for several years now, but haven't had any luck. I only found the English narrated version (which is just not the same), and ones with English subtitles.

If anyone knows how to get a copy of the English dubbed version, please let me know!!!