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Dead people floating in flood waters

Ok, a bit of a bizarre request, and I'm not sure the movie was on CBSCFF... but here goes.

When I was a kid, sometime before 1976 I would guess, I saw a movie where children were in a situation of seeing dead people floating in a flooded city. Dead people may have been there parents... or some reference may have been made by the kids that they thought they'd see their parents in the water.

I'm almost thinking this was a Pippi Longstocking movie... but could have been something else.

Being so long ago, I figured it might have been a movie in cff, so I figured I'd ask if anyone knows wth I'm thinking of

Re: Dead people floating in flood waters

I remember that it has haunted me for years I still remember the song also..I believe it was a dutch film and the **** broke and the whole village went under except for these two kids.....must have been something cause it sure did stick with me

Re: Dead people floating in flood waters

Min's mention of this being a Dutch film finally tipped me off. This is the 1972 film called "The Little Ark":

The story is about two children, a Dutch boy and a Japanese girl, who are orphaned during the big flood in Holland in the early 1950s.

Just a few years ago you could find the VHS in the bargin bin at Walmart or on Ebay for a few the tape appears to be out of print. The book the film is based on is readily available.

I vaguely remembered the film as I watched it, but I couldn't tell you where it aired on television in the '70s. It definitely wasn't part of the Festival, though it would have fit right in.

Re: Dead people floating in flood waters

Well, it is available at Amazon, albeit for $65!