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The CBS Children's Film Festival
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I loved that show. It was high quality and it planted the seed for me to be interested in other countries and their cultures. One other show that was as good was Big Blue Marble which I started having pen pals from the time I was thirteen until I was twenty-one.

Tiko and the Shark, I believe, was the earliest that I can remember and then Winter of the Witch, On Snow White and Three Nuts For Cinderella were towards the time that the show stopped airing in Minneapolis. We need more shows like this so that children can start to see the wonders,beauty and magic of childhood and that they are more similar than different. I didn't realize that the name was changed and stopped in 1984, but Big Blue Marble was on from the late 70's through the mid 80's. With the name changed and no Kukula, Fran and Ollie, then it's no wonder why I didn't know unitl now and maybe the show was dropped altogether.

List: Charlie The Rascal, Where's Johnny, What's Next
On Snow White, Winter of the Witch (There's a couple of children's books),Three Nuts For Cinderella -somewhat based on the Grimms Tales, but no violence. I got a kick at Cinderella throwing a snowball at one of the hunters when he was aiming his crossbow at a deer. I told my sister that and she said, "Really?" lol I can go on and on. I am glad to have this forum and then maybe I can share with others, especially those from other countries. A lot of them I remember were from the UK.