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The CBS Children's Film Festival

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The CBS Children's Film Festival
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Clips on YouTube

I found a bunch of clips on the YouTube website.
Just search CBSCFFestival. I wonder if this is something "official" to test the waters for possible re-release? Anyway, the clips brought back memories...enjoy.

Re: Clips on YouTube

Nothing official, it's just me. ;)

Re: Clips on YouTube

That's great news, Phil. But why didn't you tell me?? I will add links right away, which should increase your views!

Re: Clips on YouTube

Well, let's just say this is my second try at putting up clips at that site. I wasn't going to mention it here until I had a backup in place, which should happen fairly soon. Meanwhile people can enjoy the clips that are there for now, there will be more to come.

Re: Clips on YouTube

OMG!!! Please post the whole version of the Little Wooden Horse!!!!!!!!PLEASE

Re: Clips on YouTube

That's great, Phil. I've added links to all the clips - if there are others, let me know. (I kept your name out of the clip reference - I'll add it if you want.)


Re: Clips on YouTube


Thanks for the links on the front page, they should help to jog everyone's memories. I'll return the favor when I figure out how to configure my channel page. ;0

You're subscribed to my channel on Youtube, so you should receive notifications automatically whenever I add a clip. In fact, you probably received several today. :) If not, let me know, and I'll make sure to let you know when I update the channel.