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The CBS Children's Film Festival
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2 episodes

I have been through list looking for two i especially remember.

1. film follows elephant in wild from it's baby hood to adult life. in the end the adult elephant kills his father elephant in fight. not sure if any humans in film.

2. I remember children had a beautiful model train set. the train set was like a minature city. i believe film in foriegn lanaguage
i believe both aired in midseventies

if anyone can point me to right films i would appreciate it

Re: 2 episodes

1. This was aired on the Festival as "Black Mountain".
This was a joint production by the Soviet Union and India; in the Russian version, Russian is spoken over the Indian dialog.

There are DVDs available in Russian/Indian and German. These are the full 90 minute versions, but, of course, there is no English. Embassy released a 30 minute English version on VHS and titled it "A Boy and His Elephant". It is out of print, but you can still get used copies on Ebay and elsewhere. It may even be at your public library.

You can see a clip here:

2. This one I can't figure out. Can you provide any more details?

Re: 2 episodes

thank you for information.