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Welcome everybody to our Tokelau Web Forum! You are invited to post your entries in this forum and feel free to share your thoughts, memories, ideas, recollections and any questions that you may have about Tokelau. Have fun and enjoy! Best regards and blessings --- Jane Resture    

Forum: Welcome to the Tokelau Web Forum!
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Verse from the Tokelauan 4 Gospels

Ioane 3:16 (John 3:16)

Auã ko te alofa lahi o te Atua ki te lalolangi, na ia kaumaia ai tona Ataliki e toka tahi, kae ke nahe oti ai ho he tino e talitonu ki ei, kae ke maua e ia te ola e fakavavau.

Tokelauans, if you don't have a copy yet, you can get it from Tokelauan churches or the Bible Society in New Zealand. It is quite new, published in 2003. Eventually the whole bible will be available.

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