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Re: Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox explains to Jon that immigration is a two-way street

Seems to me that Fox is lying out of his ass. Immigration in the USA one way street. Mexicans and others come here and take american jobs. You can't tell me americans are actually living the USA to live in Mexico. For one mexico unlike the USA enforces is immigration laws and harshly I might add. No america unless he is rich is welcomed to mexico. No american in his right mind would leave to live in a land where there is nothing but crooked politicians who abuse their power and spend nothing on is people. Mexico has more billionaires then america, so if mexico is so wonderful to live there then why has 30 million illegal aliens come to america. Fox and calderon are nothing more then scumbags. Mexicans should go back to mexico and fix their country rather then tell us whats wrong with the USA. Sure there are things wrong with the USA, like we don't enforce our laws against illegal aliens.