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Amnesty this year? Nope we will fight it for sure!

Amnesty this year
Friday, February 19 2010 – 04:22 PM

Harry Reid and other pro-amnesty idiots will be going after amnesty and rewarding law breakers while over 15 million americans are unemployed.Will they get amnesty for these parasites? Actually they have a good chance of achieving this goal despite it being good for americans and america. After all healthcare passed. Now is the time tovisit and make yourleaders understand americans arefed up with the direction Obama and traitors like Boxer, Pelosi and Feinstein is helping this country go down the tubes. This is what I have been saying for yrs.
I’m sure you were as shocked as I to read the new findings that . . .
. . . 53% of immigrant households with children collected welfare from at least one government program in 2008.

These programs include food stamps, Medicaid, and free school lunches. And yes, that huge number also includes legal immigrants.

The immigrants America is attracting these days are mostly poor and badly educated. These are not people doing “jobs Americans won’t do.” These are people getting benefits Americans often don’t qualify for.

1. Is this letter making your blood pressure rise? Mine is! Then every last one of you needs to SIGN THIS PETITION to Pres. Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid demanding that they get immigration down immediately! We just can’t afford it. Hey, I know we wrote you last week asking for your signature. Did you sign? The numbers show me that most have not. If you’re not sure, sign it again—we’ll count you only once.

2. Then forward this email to your friends and ask them to sign the petition. Forward this email to everyone on your list. We’ve GOT to get the word out.

3. Also, click this link to go to a page where you can refer several of your friends and family at a time. What will happen is we will send them an invitation to sign the petition, showing them the complete text, and mentioning you by name. Don’t worry. We will not keep bugging them!

Since I’ve given out my email address to members starting nine months ago, I’ve received thousands of emails! Many of them are like this simple complaint from Bill:
I live in Dalton, Georgia. We have a real problem with illegals here. They get free food stamps and jobs in the mills. Bill S. of Georgia

I’m incapable of telling you how many emails you guys have sent about illegal aliens having children in America and those children qualifying immediately for full social benefits. JoAnn’s email was sad, and typical:

04/15/10 - 08:41 PM
No Spin says...

There is no stopping these traitors until November.. so get ready for 15 Million bought and paid for Obama Voters..

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04/15/10 - 08:56 PM
Cagy Wolf says...
15 million try more then 22-30 million. Every year the hispanic council talks about the 12 million illegals living in the shadows. Do they really think I and other americans aren’t aware of the numbers? 300,000 children of illegal aliens enter the school system every year. Their population grows while america slows. As a result americans are forced out of workplace, neighborhood and school. We are losing and big time. Calif and New York are bankrupt because of providing welfare and other social services to illegal and legal immigrants. Its stupid. Americans dying here daily at the hands of illegal aliens this is inexcusable and criminal.

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04/15/10 - 08:58 PM
Cagy Wolf says...
These people don’t live in the shadows just go down to any construction site, fast food,land scaping business, emergency room or welfare office and see for yourself.

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04/15/10 - 11:22 PM
marino says...

If the Obama admin legalizes illegals, they had better get some additional protection, and Obama’s re-election bid is DOA.

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04/15/10 - 11:47 PM
Cagy Wolf says...
marino for many americans I think it would be the last straw.Both parties haven’t done **** about flood of illegal alien flood.Ike did the most by deporting millions of illegals so that american veterans and other americans could work.

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04/16/10 - 12:21 AM
Cagy Wolf says...
California’s Problems * It costs California Taxpayers $10.5 billion per year for the education, healthcare and incarceration of criminal aliens. (FAIR Study) * Per a 2007 economic advisor report, the average illegal alien receives $8 – $12 in public services yet only pays $1 in taxes resulting in a special “tax” in tens of billions of dollars for legal Californians. * Department of Justice reports 60% of Southern California gangs are criminal aliens and almost half of the California prison system are illegal aliens. * Drug cartels have set up money laundering operations in Los Angeles to take over local politics. http://www.full