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4 AV women arrested on prostitution charges

4 AV women arrested on prostitution charges

Valley Press

ROSAMOND – Four Antelope Valley women were arrested on prostitution charges, five other people were cited on other charges and a working slot machine was seized at the Zebra Club, which investigators described as “an unlicensed adult entertainment business,” according to a Kern County Sheriff’s Department announcement.

Undercover investigators believe the women would solicit men once they were in a “private dance area,” then offer to have sex in exchange for large tips, according to a statement released by Kern County Sheriff’s officials.

Arrested on suspicion of prostitution were Antonia “Nina” Lupica, 22, of Palmdale; Danielle Weight, 22, of Lancaster; Brandi Solis, 23, of Rosamond, and Shatana Bodden, 25, of Lancaster.

Detectives cited Igor Slobodski, 46, and Lisa Calhoun, 40, of Palmdale, on suspicion of operating an adult entertainment business without a license and possession and/or keeping of a working slot machine.

Helen Strauss, 27, of Lancaster was cited on suspicion of operating an adult entertainment business without a license. She was also cited and released on two unrelated arrest warrants, deputies said.

Also cited were 58-year-old Michael Noe and 40-year-old Ronald Bartolli, both of Lancaster, Kern County Sheriff’s officials said.

Detectives from the Sheriff’s Office’s Rural Crime Investigation Unit, in cooperation with state Department of Alcohol Beverage Control, on Thursday completed their investigation into the club at 2763 Sierra Highway by making arrests, citations and seizure.

Undercover detectives spent three months at the club, which is licensed by the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control as a restaurant and claimed to be a “bikini club”, according to Kern County Sheriff’s officials.

During their investigation detectives reportedly observed numerous dancers routinely exposing themselves to patrons of the business for “tips” and making physical contact with patrons, the sheriff’s statement said.

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