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Minutemen at Palmdale Sheriffs Department on Saturday, February 24, 2007.

Minutemen at Palmdale Sheriffs Department on Saturday, February 24, 2007.

The Minutemen are organizing a protest at the Palmdale Sheriffs Department, 750 East Ave Q and Sierra Highway in Palmdale, This Saturday February 24th, 2007 from 10:AM until 12 noon. says "to demand of Sheriff Baca that he provide 287G training for our deputies". We are happy that these bullies will not be directly harassing immigrants this Saturday, but this should be interesting since both Minutemen and SOS members have been posting blog messages on the internet about “stepping up these protests another notch”. Hopefully they are not stupid enough to disrespect the Sheriffs Department, but it would be funny if their leader Frank Jorge were arrested again.

Where are you from? Palmdale

Re: Minutemen at Palmdale Sheriffs Department on Saturday, February 24, 2007.

Those poor illegal immigrants are breaking the law, simply by being here. Americans are fed up with the Drunk driving, no insurance and no green card criminals killing us. At the tune of 25 people a day are being killed by these criminals who whether are driving drunk or in the commission of other crimes. The Brown Berets I remember were nothing but a bunch of bank and liquer store robbing thugs. First as a native american, this land never belonged to the Aztecs or Mexico. Your agruement it was Mexico at one time isn't correct, Mexico used to be owned by France, gonna give it back to France? No, I didn't think so. If Mexico is so great go back and fix what is wrong there instead of coming here to receive social services, education and health care. Illegal aliens have broke most hospitals by using the emergency room needlessly and stupidity. Those "poor illegal aliens" aren't all looking for work, some at four points are selling and using drugs not to mention staying drunk all day. America isn't going to put up with it and more and more join those against illegal aliens. I am no AVIMM or SOS but I support their cause simply cause I have been a victim of these thugs. Chinga la Raza y el **** brown berets.

Where are you from? Why? Gonna stalk me you fags?

Re:Be even more funny if illegal aliens were arrested: Minutemen at Palmdale Sheriffs Department on

And it would long overdue, the Brown Berets are nothing but a bunch of lying racists who used to rob banks etc etc. And I am sure they still do the same thing since they are nothing but a bunch of thugs and criminals supporting illegal aliens who broke the law to get here by hopping across the border.

Where are you from? State of California not Mexico