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Re: health issues

I served in Germany and Key West Florida on the Hawk missles. I have multiple health issues including a double lung transplant due to scarring in the lungs. I have contacted VA about getting on the registery. They said that there is not one that it is just a joke on the net. Any one have soecific info?

Re: health issues

My name is William Kenney I served in South Korea in 1967-1968 with Battery A 2nd Battalion (HAWK)71st Arty, 38 Air Defense Artillery. My CWO would receive calls from the chemical cor. that they were coming to spray our adman. and TAC site. When they arrived I was required to draw a weapon and ride security on the truck. All our personal were told to stay indoors. Now the government states that it all never happened. I know where I was and what I had to do. Still fighting for my benefits. I know for a fact that ALL Air Defense Artillery units were sprayed.

Re: health issues

ive been to va many times for neack back and whole body stiff
they say its all in my head .
and ulcers
they say being aroud raidars would not cause that .
and also woundering that crap we put on the ground to kill the
grass no our site ?

Re: health issues

I was stationed in Babenhausen Germany from 79 to 82 and when we would get finished with radar exercises the next morning all of the rabbits around that area their eyeballs would be bulging out of their heads ! I have several health issues and I wonder if that's connected with being in a hawk missile unit ? So should I let the VA know about being in that unit ? And find out if my illnesses may be related ?