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Re: Carl Winston Cassini (shot down 18 Dec 1944)


The record for this in Snaith Knights


NP934 17/18 dec 44 P/O B M Twilly (pilot) FTR Duisburg.
another plane lost that night was
NR248 17/18 dec 44 MH-A W/O W A Bates FTR Duisburg

these were the last planes lost from the squadron in 1944. Only eleven planes were lost after them in 1945 before the squadron moved.

Twilley B.M. P/O 18.12.44 NP934
Baron Edgar H. 149632 F/O Co-Pilot 18.12.44 NP934
Cassini C.W. F/O 18.12.44 NP934
Hall R Sgt. 18.12.44 NP934
Hildebrand H.W. W/O 18.12.44 NP934
Hitchen R.C. Sgt. 18.12.44 NP934
Holden R. F/Sgt. 18.12.44 NP934
Jones H.B. Sgt. 18.12.44 NP934

unsure why there are eight mentioned, could be someone was being shown the ropes.

neil anderson